Robots Are Wonderful Teachers

nao-in-schoolsResearchers at the University of Miami have had great success using Nao robots in Elementary school classrooms. The robots are currently involved in three programs:

STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math
Nutrition and Fitness
Behavioral Issues Like Autism

The children are not only drawn to the robots, but they are inspired by them as well. The video gives you a glimpse into to this high tech research of using robots in our educational system.

STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math

The purpose of any STEM program is to get kids interested technology. The hope is that they might choose to attend college in the future and pursue a technical career. The program in the video teaches elementary school students the fundamentals of computer programming through robotics. The children’s’ interactions with a robot are what make learning more interesting. For instance, kids learn geometry concepts quickly when they apply them to the motion path of a robot.

Fitness and Nutrition

The children in this program were taught nutrition concepts by the robot. In addition, they work out with a Nao robot in the classroom. Researchers have seen the biggest gain in fitness ever with this program! The kids not only apply their knowledge in school, they also share it with their family at home.


Children with autism are drawn to technology. The robots are less threatening to them, and through interactions, these children work on issues related to autism as well as learning social interaction skills.