Features of Nao Robot

features of naoThe Nao robot has an impressive list of features that allow it to communicate and navigate through the environment. It is fully equipped with two HD cameras, microphones, touch sensors, sonar, WiFi capability, and a body that has 25 degrees of freedom. The microphones are placed around Nao’s head so that he can detect the origin of sounds. Its eyes are LED’s that change colors to indicate emotion, and the sonar on its chest can detect objects in its path.

The robot looks human-like with its eyes, ears, and mouth. However, because it is a robot, it is flexible in how it uses each body part. Nao’s ears are actually speakers and its mouth is a camera. It hearing are an array of microphones on the top of his head so that he can hear the sound and detect the direction it came from. The sonar on his chest helps the robot detect objects in its path.

Watch this cool video for more information on Nao’s components and systems: