Robots Provide Social Therapy in Hospitals

Chelsea Westminster Hospital and Imperial College in London are involved in a collaborative research project using the Nao robot. The purpose is to find ways to help patients whose lives are on hold while they are in the hospital. The robots are communicating with the patients to help them improve more quickly.    

Features of Nao Robot

The Nao robot has an impressive list of features that allow it to communicate and navigate through the environment. It is fully equipped with two HD cameras, microphones, touch sensors, sonar, WiFi capability, and a body that has 25 degrees of freedom. The microphones are placed around Nao’s head so that he can detect the origin … [Read more…]

Elements of Robotics

Robotics is not a single discipline, but it a combination of many. This graphic shows the basic elements of robotics. Mechanics includes the physical structure like the robot’s body as well as the motors. The electronics are cameras, speakers, sensors, and other devices that allow the robot to interpret and navigate the environment, to adapt, … [Read more…]

Meet the Nao Social Robots

The Nao robots are known as social robots because they look and express themselves in a way that makes people feel comfortable. First, their design and shape looks like a human. Their look is so cute that people of all ages are drawn to them. Next, they are able to interact using emotion through body … [Read more…]