About the Owner

I am excited to share my vision with you. Robotics and electronics design are my passion. As an engineer, I really enjoy learning and understanding how things work. As a business person, I love making things happen. Gigabotics.com is the following:

robot iconA resource for technical education for adults and children
robot iconA source for current and custom electronics

About Me:


My background, education, and job history are a good fit for robotics. I have programmed computers as part of my job since the late 80s. I have two engineering degrees from the University of Houston: undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering and graduate degree electrical engineering.

Along the way, I had the privilege of working on some interesting projects. While I was attending college, a small group of students and I worked at NASA for a summer internship. When we returned to campus, we each became project leads for our senior design class. My team’s project was to design a  mechanical model for NASA. It was a simulation of the International Space Station’s water purification system. What made this special was that the design had to run on earth in the exact same manner as it did in the no-gravity environment of space. It was a challenging project, and I honored to have had the experience.

Later, while still in college, I have worked as an intern for Arc Specialties, a local robotic welding company, on a robotic welding project. The project was not only rewarding, it was my first experience working with an industrial robot. During my next year, I accepted an internship from Schlumberger where I worked with a robotic tool used as part of the process to extract oil from underground. After graduation, I went to work full-time for Schlumberger designing automated tests for electronic circuit boards. I left the company in 2009 to start my own technology business.

Currently I am studying the Nao robots by Aldebaran Robotics. I would like to use them for education where the robots assist in teaching children and adults programming skills. I am also interested in using these robots as a tool for businesses to have them demonstrate and sell products.