Nao Robot Identifies Colors

This project is the first step in creating a scalable system for training a humanoid robot, Nao. The robot will learn new words and associations using knowledge it gained in the past. In this case, the robot has previously learned to identify colors that it sees. The robot sees the world through pictures taken by … [Read more…]

Social Robots as Windows into ROS Robotic Systems

This project demonstrates use of a social robot as the commentator of ROS network messages. ROS (Robotic Operating Systems) is a framework that allows communication between robotic systems. My network consists of a social robot and an autonomous robotic swarm. Note that a social robot is one that can communicate in ways that make humans … [Read more…]

Meet Hilton’s Newest Concierge Robot

Photo of Nao robot meeting Hilton guests

Hilton hotels is pilot testing use of a social robot, Aldebaran/SoftBank Robotic’s Nao, to act as concierge for its chain of hotels in the US. This is a partnership with IBM using the IBM’s Watson supercomputer. The robot is called “Connie” after company founder Conrad Hilton, can already be found in the Hilton McLean hotel … [Read more…]

Robots Are Wonderful Teachers

Researchers at the University of Miami have had great success using Nao robots in Elementary school classrooms. The robots are currently involved in three programs: STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Nutrition and Fitness Behavioral Issues Like Autism The children are not only drawn to the robots, but they are inspired by them as … [Read more…]